An analysis of the symbolism and allegory in the go between novel by hartley

As a result, he is invited as a guest to spend the summer at Brandham Hall, the country home of his schoolfellow, Marcus Maudsley.

An analysis of the symbolism and allegory in the go between novel by hartley

However, there are also a number which also require the higher order skills of exegesis interpretation and analysis of language. You might also like to see my selected quotations page.

What are your impressions of the diary? Zodiac illustrations; schoolboy language. What do you learn of the 64 year old Leo? How has he lived his life?

Summarise the debate between the old and the young Leo, in your own words. How many are successful? Describe the preparations Leo and his mother make for his visit to Brandham Hall.

Chapter 2 Give brief details of the Hall. Describe the five members of the Maudsley family. You might like to have a page for each and gradually build up their character profies as you read the novel. Comment on the belladonna. How does Leo connect Brandham Hall with the zodiac?

What are your impressions of 1 Ted? Select quotations to support your views. Why are these significent? Comment on the way that Marcus and Leo talk to each other.

Chapter 6 What does Leo learn about the Trimingham family from the memorial tablets in the church? How do yours differ? Chapter 7 How does the heat affect Leo, physically and mentally? Chapter 8 What does Leo hear at the picnic? What is the nature of the clash between Marian and her mother?

What does the coachman reveal about Ted? What is the significance of the rising mercury?

An analysis of the symbolism and allegory in the go between novel by hartley

Chapter 9 Summarise the events from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th. What is the symbolic significance of the rising temperature? List the possible messages Leo invents.

Why does Leo not want to know the real content of the messages? Chapter 10 How does Leo react to the idea that Marian and Ted are in love? How does Ted put pressure on Leo to continue acting as messenger? Is it fair pressure?

What bargain is agreed between Ted and Leo?

An analysis of the symbolism and allegory in the go between novel by hartley

What evidence of strain is there between Marian and Trimingham?Hartley uses a wide range of symbolism and allegory in the Go-Between to convey a deeper moral understanding of the novel, in many ways it is used explicitly but occasionaly it .

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The Go-Between is a novel written by L.P. Hartley in The story revolves around the character of Leo Colston, who is an elderly man perusing his old diary. He comes across the time when he was 13 and visited his schoolfriend's country home.

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