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In addition to pages of piyutim surrounded by ornate decorative and figurative micrography, richly decorated Haggadah text and blessings, there is a 13 page miniature cycle depicting the Exodus story from Moses at the Burning Bush to the Crossing of the Red Sea.

June 27, There was nothing attractive about Franz Ferdinand: But he had one idiosyncratic quality: Franz Ferdinand married Sophie Chotek in a gloomy ceremony on June 28, This implied that he could only take her beside him in any military capacity.

So, exactly 14 years later, much against the advice of the army, the Archduke went to inspect forces in Bosnia where trouble was brewing wholesale — and, as it turned out, to his death. The youth who fired the fatal shots was a year-old student and ardent Serb nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, memorably described by historian A.

A secret Serbian military society calling itself The Black Hand supplied Princip and his associates with bombs and guns. The assassination itself had a farcical air about it.

david appell science writer willy crossword

As is excitingly described in in Sidney B. According to some accounts, Franz Ferdinand, with extraordinary coolness, picked up the missile and threw it on the side of the road, grievously wounding an officer.

The phlegmatic Archduke then wanted to visit the injured at the hospital.

david appell science writer willy crossword

His security, however, insisted that the entourage take a different route by driving straight through a street known as the Appel Quay. The chauffeur initially took a wrong turn, then pressed his brakes in order to back up and proceed towards the Quay.

History made a fatal pause at this moment. Princip, who happened to be wandering around the spot at the time, seized his chance and shot Franz Ferdinand and his wife point-blank. Indirectly, perhaps, Lenin and Trotski would not have made their Marxist revolution in Russia had Franz Ferdinand lived.

In his classic Road to SarajevoSerbian writer and communist politician, Vladimir Dedijer states that over 3, book and pamphlets on the events at Sarajevo had been written till the outbreak of the Second World War.

Since then, the number books on the events leading up to and the Great War itself, have grown exponentially to an estimated 25, The war, its causes and its implications have been the source of fierce academic saber-rattling among historians. Some recent histories indict all parties, like David Stevenson highly analytical Cataclysm Sir Hew Strachan is yet to finish his massive trilogy on the Great War, an assignment designed to supplant C.

Cruttwell still formidable classic A History of the Great War.

But as a newer crop of historians rehash old theories to inform callower generations thereby keeping the book trade alive, very few have managed to cut through the undergrowth of controversy surrounding the origins of the conflict.

The one name that immediately springs to mind is that of A. His witty and trenchant The First World War: In contrast to an enormous corpus of literature, full-length films on the Sarajevo incident are relatively few. Only one actually focuses on the assassination.

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The Day that shook the World is a pedestrian, though well-intentioned effort by Croatian director Veljko Bulajic. Despite brilliant actors like Christopher Plummer playing Franz Ferdinand and Maximilian Schell, the film remains a tepid adventure, barely touching upon the simmering cauldron of multi-ethnic hostility boiling in the Habsburg lands.

The film, about a homosexual army officer features the magnetic Klaus Maria Brandauer as a patriot-turned-spy. Also notable is the classy, meticulously researched BBC Television drama, Fall of Eagles which deals with pivotal moments in European history from to Documentaries fare much better when dealing with the outbreak of the Great War.

But Russia, hostile to Austria, decided to stand by its Slav brethren in Serbia. Its pre-mobilization measures including clearing off the frontier railway stations along the German and Austrian borders — a move that alarmed both the Germans and the Austrians.

Thus, they too, mobilized and Germany declared war on Russia on 1 August. Franz Ferdinand and Gavrilo Princip had taken the first steps in this catatonic nightmare as the rest of Europe followed suit and sleepwalked the world into war.

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