Mcdonalds use to help their employees essay

The founding of the present day McDonald's Corporation dates back to April 15, when a franchised restaurant was opened by Ray Kroc in Illinois. Kroc was responsible for leading the corporation to worldwide expansion. McDonald's became a public corporation, listed on the stock market in

Mcdonalds use to help their employees essay

Mcdonalds use to help their employees essay

Essay - Paper Example McDonald's. What are the Management functions at McDonald's? This explains the History of McDonalds. Today, more than 2. This takes in everything from the welfare of staff through to the performance of the restaurant itself. Not forgetting, of course, ensuring that the premises and the equipment are in perfect working order raising initiatives.


Forecasting Forecasting is the process of predicting what will happen in the future i. A Sales forecast, for example, would use past sales data to identify patterns and trends.

On the basis of these, managers will use their knowledge of the market to identify future trends. Communicating Being a good communicator is probably the most important ability needed by a modern manager.

Good Communications involves understanding and being understood by many groups.

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A manager will need to negotiate with subordinates, superiors, colleagues, trade unions, government official and outside agencies. Planning This is the means by which a forecast is acted upon.

Motivating This is the action of getting people to do something because they want to rather than because they are forced to. It may seem obvious that staff should be motivated: In general it has become accepted that, although a workforce that is not motivated will work, the quality and efficiency of work improves with motivation.

It is therefore the role of human resources management to understand what motivates. Innovation This practical refinement and development of an original invention into a usable technique or product, is called innovation. Many organisations require their managers to be involved with succession planning, that is, managers should positively train people so that they are eventually able to take over the managers jobs.

Beside these training functions, managers also have a role to play in developing personality. It is necessary because each manager cannot do all tasks that need o be done. The senior manager needs to ensure that the subordinate can do the work and that the work and that the work gets done.

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A technical skill is the ability to use tools, techniques, and specialized knowledge to carry out a method, process, or procedure. Finance management; The finance department is responsible for all flows of money into and out of the company. In this department they keep financial records as well as information for the managers in the company.

Finance have many tasks to accomplish, they consist of, Monetary planning; McDonalds has to make a monetary forecast for the up and coming year to ensure that they can meet all their obligations and continue in business.

Adverting management; is very important at McDonalds as raising the finance is very necessary. This enable staff to identify any short falls in cash flow, by identifying the short falls this department can advise other department on how much finance they would have to raise.

Financial control; the main aim in this department is to control the cash flow and cost.

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The staffs monitors the cash flow and cost levels by checking actual flows against planned flows. In this department the budge provides a forecast for the business, with the business revenue and the expense all of these aspects will help plan and monitor the cash flow at McDonalds.

This department helps McDonalds by producing financial forecasts to help show future problems that McDonalds will have in the future to stop McDonalds losing money.

This will help McDonalds be more aware of their problems as well as show them were their mistake were and when they should expect problems. Finance basically controls the cash flow as well as the records, monitoring and preparing plan as well as reports.

The finance department helps McDonalds to achieve it objectives as they analyze the money coming in and out the business by looking at the cash flow forecast.McDonalds would use cutbacks by downsizing the number of employees in the workforce.

This would be obtained through cutting hours, lay-offs, and not hiring to fill positions after people leave.

McDonalds has a low retention rate, so employees who left, there positions would not be filled. The production human resources are well trained so they use their time well which means that they would get the work done on time and this will make McDonalds to get their product ready for them on time to sell it to their consumers.

It means that the manager would use their power and style of leadership in training the inexperienced employees. We will write a custom essay sample on The story about McDonald’s specifically for you. McDonalds Approach to Employee Motivation. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: In order to help employees feel that their jobs are meaningful and that their contributions are valuable to the company, the small business owner needs to communicate the company’s purpose to employees.

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Mcdonalds use to help their employees essay

The value of employees and customers in any business is of utmost importance, and McDonalds pays attention to the needs of customers and their employees in order to provide the best services. Services that an employee offers to customers depend on how the employee is treated by the management.

McDonalds should train his or her employee in a multi skilled way, which help every employee to work in the kitchen and on the front counter as well.

McDonalds must be flexible with its employee. When ever the employee ask for off or changing the shift to study, the managers should understand them and solve their problem.

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