Women emotional essay

The results were recently announced, and women and diversity were the clear winners. The Sad Puppies wanted more traditional, mainstream popular science fiction on the ballot. The more extreme Rabid Puppies, who have ties with the Gamergate movementwere about creating chaos.

Women emotional essay

Women emotional essay

C-Funding and encouraging specialized organizations Imagine this incident. The husband returns home and he is very tired and stressed out.

He is upset because his boss gave him a warning. He is also upset because some stranger had parked in his space in front of the building.

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Furthermore, he is worried about the bills he has to pay at the end of the month, in addition to other things. The husband gets mad and starts beating up the children.

The wife tries to intervene to stop the violence, but instead of things calming down, the husband beats the children and the wife at the same time. This is not a movie Women emotional essay a story.

This is the real world of domestic violence where wives are beaten up by their husbands with or without a reason. Domestic violence against women is a serious problem that threatens the physical and emotional wellbeing of women, and that negatively affects the quality of their life. The beating of women is a very old story that has been practiced for many centuries.

Hundreds of years ago, women were treated as a commodity. They were in fact treated as slaves who had to obey the orders of those males who dominated them.

These relationships existed in the male-dominant societies all over the world. Beating women was part of this culture, since the use of violence was applied to remind women that they are to remain Women emotional essay the control of their male masters.

Beating is part of the obedience relationship. In most religions, women are expected to obey their husbands. Both Christianity and Islam for example expect and order the woman to obey her husband and to submit to his will. The same is applied to other religions as well. So what happens is that when the woman does not obey her husband or if the husband feels that his wife is not obeying him, he resorts to violence to make things right for himself.

This means that man gives himself the right to use violence as a defense against the disobedience of woman Saadawi, p. This argument about the cause of domestic violence against women, however is not very strong.

Women emotional essay

The reason is that on many occasions, men tend to beat their wives up without any reason. Such beatings take place when the husband is upset, when he is stressed, when he loses his temper, when he thinks that his wife is arguing too much, in addition to many other causes where there is no disobedience by the wife.

In such cases, women are actually being used as an outlet for the frustration, tension and stress that the husband is suffering. But, if someone is frustrated, tense and stressed out, does this give him the right to beat up his wife or sister?

The protection and preservation of the body and dignity are basic human rights of every individual. It is a violation of human rights to inflict physical pain onto a person. Therefore, the battery of women is a violation of the human rights of women. Still, many men ignore such rights and tend to beat their wives up as if these wives do not have any human rights at all.

Why does man respect the red lights? And why does he respect the property of other people? The answer is that there is a serious punishment if he violates the laws related to these things. But at the same time, he can beat up his wife and even cut or injure her and get away with it.

Even when there are laws that punish a husband who beats up his wife, many husbands will still beat their women, mostly because they know that nobody is going to seriously investigate, or because they know that their wives will not dare complain to the authorities.

Many men who beat up their wives will not dare to beat up their female neighbors. There is no difference between the two women, except that the victim is his wife. He can turn her into a victim because she is his wife. In other words, he gives himself the right to beat her up because she is his wife, perhaps his property, and his subordinate.

This is what he learned when he was still a boy and could beat his sister without getting punished for it. This is what he learned when society taught him that men have more rights and privileges than women.

And this is what he learned when discovered that he can beat his wife up and suffer little or nothing at all for it Saadawi, p. The causes of battering women are very complicated indeed.

Men beat their wives up for many different reasons. In many eastern countries, men beat their wives because this is what society expects of the man to do in order to protect his role as the man and the leader.Captain Capitalism is the resident economist of the mano/androsphere.

He is a misanthropic, hedonist, nihilistic, cynical type, but he keeps getting proved right every day.

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When it comes to essay writing professors usually supply students with topics to write vetconnexx.comr, there are cases when a student is free to write on any topic he wishes.

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